Wheel-eez® Al-Brite 3™ 5 Gallon

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Wheel-eez® Al-Brite 3™ for Car Washes
5 Gallon Concentrate

Protect your investment in equipment and people by using Wheel-eez® Wheel Cleaner. Stop replacing equipment due to corrosion caused by your wheel cleaner and avoid dangerous HF and ABF that is harmful and may soon be banned. 

This biodegradable wheel cleaner is great for all car washes

Use it just like a traditional wheel cleaner - spray on by hand or with automatic applicator and rinse off!
This product may be diluted to meet specific Tunnel and In-Bay needs.
Replacing corrosive wheel cleaners with our noncorrosive formula is better for the environment,
And it’s also better for your bays - it's easier on car wash floors, conveyors, and fixtures.

Highly Concentrated • Use Straight / Mix to 55 Gallons
• Use Straight - 64:1 to 120:1  Self Serve 240:1
• Mix to 55 Gallons - 8:1 to 17:1 and higher.

Safe Wheel Cleaner that really works!

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44.00 LBS


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